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In this section you will find out more about school admissions in Barnet and key dates. You will also find out more about admissions for children in care.

Information about Admissions

Applications for main transition points

Applications are made online at  and submitted from  1st September, a year before the child is due to start school. Parent must apply to their home local authority, even if they have preferences for schools in other boroughs.

Starting Reception Class

Online portal opens: 1st September

Deadline for applications: 31 October

National offer day:1st March (or nearest working day)

Infant to Junior Transfer and Secondary Transfer

Online portal opens: 1st September

Deadline for applications:15 January

National offer day:16 April  (or nearest working day)

Further information is available here


In-year Admissions in Barnet

Parents/carers should apply for an in-year place if they have moved in from another area in the UK or from abroad and their child does not have a school place, or if they are seeking a change of school for a child already enrolled at a school.


In-year applications must be submitted online through Barnet’s Parent Portal. Applications are processed and the outcome sent to parents usually within two weeks. In the event that the preference school(s) are full or unable to offer, the Admissions Team will make an alternative school offer within four weeks of the date of the application.


When a preference school is unable to make an offer, the child’s name is placed on the school’s waiting list. Children can move up or down waiting lists and the time spent on a waiting list is not taking into account when places are offered.  In-year waiting list names are normally held until the end of July each year and parents must submit a new in-year application for the following year.


The Admissions Team coordinates in-year admissions for all Barnet schools, except Finchley Catholic High, Hasmonean High (Girls) and Hasmonean High (Boys) – these schools take direct applications.

More information can be found online at Barnet in-year admissions.

For information on other local authorities process for in year admissions, please look on the relevant website.

Barnet Fair Access Protocol (FAP)

The Fair Access Protocol (FAP)  ensures that school placements are identified and secured, as quickly as possible, for children who are vulnerable and those having difficulty in securing an in-year school place through the normal admissions process, due to exceptional circumstances. The Fair Access Panel meet fortnightly during term-time to identify school places for children whose applications have been referred for consideration under FAP.  This does not override parents/carers' right to make an in-year application at any time, have their preferences met wherever possible or take the opportunity to appeal the decision when admission is refused.


Appealing for a school place

All parents have the right to appeal against their child’s refused mainstream admission to a state school. The admission authority for the school is responsible for managing appeals.

More information about appeals and a link to the online appeal form for Barnet community schools can be found here


Home-to-school Transport

Most school children living in Barnet will not qualify for help with school travel costs on tubes or trains. This is because the School Admissions Team can usually offer children a place at a local school, not exceeding a home-to-school walking distance of 2 miles for children below the age of 8, or 3 miles for children aged 8 to 16 years.


Children may qualify for help with school travel if they

  • are entitled to free school meals or their family is in receipt of maximum Working Tax Credit and your child is attending the nearest school preferred on grounds of religion or belief

  • there are exceptional medical, social or educational reasons involved

  • they have an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) and require assistance with travel.

More information and a link to the Free Travel Application form can be found online at Free Travel to School

Children in Care

Admissions authorities of all mainstream schools must give the highest priority in their oversubscription criteria to looked-after and previously looked-after children. The full admission requirements for looked-after and previously looked-after children are set out in the School Admissions Code. Children in care can be admitted as ‘excepted pupils’ in relation to the infant class size limit, if they are admitted outside the normal admission round.

The Virtual School will support with admissions to school for children in care to ensure there is not undue delay and may use their powers of direction. We will also support social workers to understand the admission process.

Choosing a school should be based on a discussion between the child’s social worker, the child, their carers and, if appropriate, birth parents as well as the Virtual School. Children should not be admitted to unsatisfactory or requires improvement schools, as graded by Ofsted, except for in exceptional circumstances.

For more information on Admissions in Barnet, contact:

For admissions for children in care, please contact your Virtual School caseworker

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