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Children in Care - Key Documents

These Key Documents will inform Designated Teachers, Social Workers and Foster Carers on the rights and entitlements of young people in care and how Personal Educational Plans provides a framework to access support.

Key Documents for Children in Care

We hope you find these documents informative and useful in your role in supporting looked after young people.

An indepth booklet that shares information on what the Virtual School is and what they provide, what funding is accessible for young people in care, how the Virtual School can support with attendance and exclusions and a section of frequently asked questions from schools. 

This booklet contains everything you need to know on completing PEPs for statutory aged young people, including, understanding your role as a Designated Teacher, how to engage young peope in sharing their voice in PEPS, write SMART targets and access pupil premium funding.  

A comprehensive overview of how to complete Post 16 PEPs, including writing SMART targets and engaging young peoples' voices. It also contains information on how to support young people in the transition to college, understand the different entitlements young people in care can access and provides a list of useful resources/support services.

Promoting the education of looked after and previously looked after children

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