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All pupils of compulsory school age are entitled to a full-time education. In very exceptional circumstances, where it is in a pupil’s best interests, there may be a need for a temporary part-time timetable to meet their individual needs. Please see below for more information.

Part-time Timetables Information

All children of statutory school age are entitled to full time education. In very exceptional circumstances there may be a need for a temporary part-time timetable to meet individual needs e.g. a medical condition. However for children with a social worker serious consideration needs to be given to the fact the child may be safer at school than at home.

A part-time timetable must:

- only be in place for the shortest time necessary

- have a timetable for when the young person is expected to attend full time

- have formal arrangements to review it

There is more information available on Barnet's local offer page including FAQ about part-time timetables and a form for schools to complete.

Schools should ensure that the social worker(and Virtual School if the child is in care) are informed of plans to put a child on a part-time timetable and are involved in the meetings about it.

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