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Careers Support

Career Cards

There are lots of sources of support to help young people choosing a career path. Schools or colleges  should be able to provide advice. There is also lots of support online - see links below.

There is also support from the Post 16 team in Barnet and for children in care, the Virtual School caseworker.

Support, Guidance, and Useful Links

National Careers Service

You can find lots of job profiles here on the National Careers Service website.

Looking for an apprenticeship?

Have a look at this website

and view Rate My Apprenticeship or visit Get In Go Far to learn more.

Exam helpline

Contact the National Careers Service Exam Results Helpline for free advice if you’ve received exams results that were not as good as you were expecting.

Youth Employment has lots of useful career guides and free online course. 

The Job Crowd

The Job Crowd is a graduate and apprentice employer ranking system based on employee feedback!

Career helpline for teenagers

Call or text the National Careers Service helpline for information and advice about jobs, careers and training if you’re 13 or older in England.

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