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Children with a Social Worker Attachment Aware Schools pilot project 2022-23


Over the coming academic year, Barnet Virtual School will be working in conjunction with a primary and secondary school on an attachment aware pilot programme.




Schools who have completed a whole school attachment aware project have reported the following benefits:

  • Reduced number of reported behaviour incidents, fewer exclusions and improved attainment for vulnerable learners

  • Increased use of strategies to promote self-awareness and resilience leading to longer term solutions to self-regulation

  • A more consistent whole school, reflective approach.

  • Stronger relationships between children, staff and parent/carers.

  • An opportunity to consider how the school organisation and environment can support young people and their attachment & trauma needs.


An understanding of attachment and emotional literacy should ultimately help all students and staff to succeed – we don’t always know if someone has struggled with attachment or experienced trauma.


Watch this space for updates.

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