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Post-16: Resources, Advice, and Guidance

When you finish Year 11, you and your friends may be taking very different paths. There is lots of support to help you decide what you want to do next. Talk to your Virtual School caseworker or someone in your school. There are some useful links below if you are thinking of going to university or want to do some volunteering. Look at our Careers Page or find information about the support the Post-16 Team provide on the BELS website.

Useful Information and Advice


Thinking of going to uni? Look on for courses and how to apply.


Has volunteering opportunities in your local area

Has conservation volunteering opportunities ·

Has lots of volunteering opportunities

Post 16 Service

Barnet Education and Learning Service offers lots of support at Post 16. You can ask your caseworker or find out more here

Thinking about Uni

Check out

and Unistats to compare and contrast university data including student satisfaction, employability figures etc. for each course.

Need support

We all need support sometimes. Look on our page for sources of support.

As a young person you also have access to travel support like this from Trainline and TFL   

Careers advice

Have a look at our careers page for other resources

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